Christian our Cambridge Superstar!

Our Cambridge superstar

We had heard great things about one of our team members in Cambridge and so decided to check him out for ourselves.

Carine, our new Training Manager caught up with him on his Cambridge turf!

Carine: How long have you been part of team La Tasca?

Christian: I’ve been in the team for 10 months.

Where are you from?

The Catalan region in Barcelona (A big smile lights his face, very proud!)  Christian starts telling me about the Champions League and football and how he and Sergio the Area Manager are often caught in deep discussion about their passion for the Barcelona football team! Moving on…

What’s so great about Cambridge?

Cambridge has everything.  It is close to London, very English and of course lots of night life with the students here so social life in Cambridge is good too.

What brought you to the UK? (It definately wasn’t the weather!)

Number one was that I wanted to improve my English. I then found my job at La Tasca and started as a Runner which was good as this is the best way to learn the menu.  It was thanks to Kevin (GM since January) when he came to Cambridge and saw my potential and trained me up to Waiter.

What’s the best bit about your job?

My favourite part is serving really nice guests and seeing them having a great time, great meal and knowing that I’ve helped to give them that experience, especially when they have enjoyed a dish that you have personally recommended.

What’s your favourite dish at La Tasca?

My favourite dish is the Tablet de Montaditos.  I find this one really easy to recommend too as it’s such a great starter.

What’s your favourite cocktail?

Strawberry Mojito, we do it as specials here in Cambridge sometimes and it is lovely!

What does HOLA mean to you?

Hola is great because it allows you freedom as a Team Member have fun with  your guests and give them a great time when they visit.  When you have set rules to follow it can become to robotic and unnatural and very restrictive- this new feature to the job is great!

What’s next for our Cambridge superstar?

I would really love to go to the USA.  Kevin (GM) knows my dream as I have been asking him if there was any way I could go and work for La Tasca in America which he said he would look into for me.

During this conversation Kevin came and joined us and announced to Christian that La Tasca Old Town (USA) have a position open and have agreed to take Christian on and in the meantime will assist Christian with his visa. 

Christian is looking to go off to good old USA at the very early part of 2012- we want to keep him for Christmas in Cambridge :)

As you can imagine Christian is now in a complete state of shock and with the biggest smile I have seen in a very long time!

“Don’t stop believing, work hard and you can achieve anything, look at me now :) Living proof that dreams do come true – THANK YOU LA TASCA!” Christian, La Tasca Cambridge