La Tasca Choccy Paella Pudding Recipe

The perfect start to the month – you’d be a fool not to try this recipe! The ultimate chocolate-rich, zest-infused Spanish paella with a twist. It’s simply delicious and great for sharing.


300g of Spanish paella rice such as bomba or calasparra
2 tsp granulated sugar
20 ml vanilla essence
10g of extra brute chocolate powder
1 orange (for peel and zest)
160g of dark chocolate (We used 53% for this recipe)
2  x Cadburys Crème Eggs
Mini Chocolate eggs – as many as you like
200g fresh raspberries
650 ml water


1 paella pan or a 30cm large heavy bottom frying pan
1 small saucepan
1 microplane or small box grater


1. Place the rice into a heavy based saucepan with the cocoa powder and half the vanilla essence. Add in 500ml of water with the orange peel and give it a quick stir. Heat the pan to a rolling boil and then down to simmer for 14 minutes, stirring a couple of times to make sure the rice doesn’t stick.

You’re looking to infuse the rice with a little orange and vanilla, open up the pours, inject the cocoa rouge colour into the rice but you are not playing with the starches of the rice. After 14 minutes the rice should still be firm.

2. Remove the rice from the pan immediately and spoon it out onto a big plate, or tray. Spread it out really thin so it can cool almost instantly. Then remove the orange peel. Place the paella pan back on the heat and add in the sugar, remaining vanilla extract and water then bring to the boil before turning down to a medium heat.

Taste it, this is your Caldo  (your broth), and it has to be spot on… if you want to add a dash more vanilla, then now’s your chance… Get ready the next stage is full on and you cannot leave the stove!

3. Quickly add the paella rice back to the pan before giving it a good stir to spread the rice out evenly. Leave it to gently simmer for about 4 minutes so the Caldo can get to work with the rice, remember this is the first time the rice has had chance to absorb the sugar.

4. Add the dark chocolate and give it one more stir; it’s important this is just one swoop through the pan. From now on remember this rule…move the pan, but do not stir the paella. Turn the heat to low to let the rice absorb the rest of the broth for about 1 minute. Once the broth has totally disappeared, check that the rice is Al Dente – cooked but with a slight bite, then remove from the heat.

5. Take the pan to your serving area (be careful as it will still be hot) so you can get the whole family involved. Place the mini eggs and Cadbury crème eggs on top and let them melt. Add the raspberries and a good grating of orange zest, with a little squeeze of an orange wedge or 2 for good measure. Garnish with fresh mint for decoration.