Mediterranean Diet

If you are like the rest of us, by now your New Year’s resolution to eat healthier food is probably long gone, along with Dry January and the regular trip to the gym, but the question is why????

Well, let’s face it the idea of waiting for a whole year to make a commitment to live a healthier lifestyle is itself flawed. What we should be doing is following in the footsteps of our Mediterranean¬†counterparts who regularly consume a diet of plant-based foods such as vegetables, legumes, fruit, nuts, seeds and olives, lots of extra virgin olive oil, fish, with (most importantly) moderate red wine intake.

But it’s not just what you eat, how much you eat also plays a big part in staying healthy and of course, dropping those all important pounds and keeping them off. That’s why Tapas is an ideal option if you are looking to lose weight, reducing portion sizes or the size of the plate is a strategy employed by many diet regimes and with Tapas, you get to choose a selection of different dishes and eat as little (or as much) as you like.

Plus, not forgetting as well as our range of healthy small plates our menu includes a wide variety of  gluten-free dishes aiming to make Spanish Cuisine more accessible to the 1 in 100 people in the UK who have coeliac disease.

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