Celebrating the Rioja Harvest Festival at La Tasca

Between September 20th & September 25th the Spanish city of Logroño celebrates the Rioja Wine Harvest Festival, traditionally known as ‘Las Fiestas de San Mateo’.

During the event, the city is vibrant with colour & bursting with fun as people gather to celebrate their heritage. While the main location of the festival is Paseo del Espolón, you’ll find events all around the city, including traditional foot-crushing of grapes, float parades, live music, fireworks, sports, concerts & more.

As well as celebrations, the event gives visitors the chance to sample some of Spain’s finest gastronomical delights in true Spanish heritage, along with a taste of the fabulous Rioja wines that are available from across the region.

During ‘San Mateo’ on 21st September, the main day of the festival, crowds gather in the park Paseo del Espolón to witness the main event. Hundreds of children parade while carrying grapes from different vineyard, before pouring them into a large wine barrel. After this, two men in regional costumes begin treading on the grapes barefoot.

The men continue treading & dancing in front of the crowds until they fill a whole jug. This is then offered to the statue of the Virgin of Valvanera, a tradition that has been repeated for years.

At La Tasca we love bringing Spanish cheer & traditional festival vibes to the doorstep of the UK, that’s why when you dine with us during the Rioja Harvest Festival you’ll receive a free glass of rioja wine, thanks to our fabulous partners, Campo Viejo.

That’s not all, as a little extra just for you, we’re extending the offer to 18th – 30th September so you have even more time to join the fiesta! You can book your table here or check out our delicious menu here. Vamos, amigos!