Feliz Navidad – infuse Christmas with a taste of Spanish tradition!

Feliz Navidad – infuse Christmas with a taste of Spanish tradition!

Aside from sleigh bells and carols, Christmas in Spain comes complete with timeless traditions and festive favourites for all the family. The event is certainly one for liquid celebrations with friends and relatives, but a customary festive feast remains at the pinnacle of Christmas fiesta tradition. For your own festive fiesta at La Tasca click here to book now.

Unlike the traditional Christmas day feast in the UK, most families eat their main meal on Christmas Eve before a special service called ‘La Misa Del Gallo’. The midnight service that means ‘Mass of the Rooster’, derives from the belief that a rooster crowed on the night that Jesus was born. In Spanish, Christmas Eve is called ‘La Noche Buena,’ which translates as ‘The Good Night’ and is a big family celebration where a festive feast is eaten late in the evening. Some families attend ‘La Misa Del Gallo’ before or after their celebratory meal.

A traditional Spanish Christmas dinner, otherwise known as ‘Pavo Trufado de Navidad’, consists mainly of Turkey stuffed with truffles – not the chocolate kind! In parts of north-west Spain, the most popular meal for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is fish and seafood. This can be a variety such as shellfish, molluscs, lobster and small crabs.

If something from the coast takes your fancy at the Christmas party, the Comida de tres Platos option entertains crispy Calamares, succulent Hake fillet and traditional Paella de Verduras while the Menú Tradicional features all new Pescado Rebozado. Click here to see the full La Tasca Christmas Menu.

Sparkling Cava (Catalan champagne) bottles flow for a traditional Christmas toast while plenty of fine Spanish wines are also consumed at the family fiesta. A bit closer to home, the La Tasca Christmas menu gives plenty of choice for your glass-raising celebrations with a wide range of vino’s and bubbles available to order. Click here to see the full Christmas Drinks Menu.

Apart from Christmas day, a Spanish festive tradition is called ‘Epiphany’ and is celebrated on 6th January when children receive their presents from the ‘three magic kings’. In Spanish, Epiphany is called ‘Fiesta de Los tres Reyes Mages’ which in English means ‘The festival of the three magic kings’. The occasion celebrates when the kings/wise men brought gifts to baby Jesus.

Away from presents, the festive period is all about satisfying your sweet tooth, right? Well Spanish tradition isn’t far off – a special cake called a ‘Roscón’ is eaten at Epiphany, in English this means ‘ring shape roll’. The doughy cake is traditionally bought from a local bakery on the morning of Epiphany and filled with cream or chocolate, while also containing a small gift. For your own sweet and doughy dessert at your fiesta feast, our mouth-watering La Tasca Churros (doughnut twists with a rich dipping sauce) dazzle on the Christmas Dessert Menu.

When night draws to a close on Epiphany, Christmas in Spain is over for another year – but don’t worry, we spread the cheer year round here at La Tasca! Click here to book now.